For many of us, the coffee shop has become another office. We send our emails, type reports, and brainstorm for ideas. If you saw my calendar, you would notice the number of meetings I have with people over coffee.


Thinking through all the meetings I have over coffee, a questions emerged; Who are five people I would like to meet for coffee? The criteria: a living person who I have never met before. Here are my five:

1. Malcolm Gladwell 

Gladwell is an author for the New Yorker. His books Blink, The Tipping Point and Outliers have remained on the bestseller list. His keen observations and insights on any topic could carry a conversation. Looking forward to his new book David and Goliath.

2. Tim Tebow

As Jets’ fan, I would like to apologize. Yet on another a token, it would be fascinating to hear his story. This morning the news broke that he would consider becoming a broadcaster. He has run through a few detours in pursuing his NFL career. What would he recommend when a dream dies?

3. Eugene Peterson

The author of the Message has more to offer than this paraphrase. His work on spiritual formation and pastoral ministry have shaped my life. I would love to hear the stories behind writings.

4. Brene Brown

This past summer, I had the opportunity to listen to her talk on her book Daring GreatlyShe has studied shame and vulnerability. You can get a glimpse of her work by watching her TED Talk.

5. Gordon Fee

This man is one of the foremost scholars, especially on Paul’s Epistles and the Holy Spirit. His work has inspired my life in pursuing theology. To learn more about him you can go to

So, who are your five people you would like to meet for coffee?