We fear the label ordinary.
It seems that every voice tells us to pursue greatness.
Discover the dream and journey towards success.
Along the way, we find that our definitions of dreams and success differ from Yours.

We weary ourselves for the label extraordinary.
You see the extra hours we log for perfection.
You know the anxiety of all our presentations.
You hear us tell ourselves about the things other than You to make us matter.

Jesus, infuse in our hearts healthy ambition.
Teach how to live with excellence in worship.
May our ambition start with what You have done in us before what happens outside of us.
Release us from masquerading strength, so that we might find grace in our weaknesses.

Also, we confess that we have not always prioritized ambition rightly.
Let us start by making an ambition to become more like You in word and deed.
Provide us with the ambition to give grace to those closest to us.
Renew our hearts and minds with Your definition of greatness.
Replace the lies of unhealthy ambition with the truth of the Gospel.

Our ultimate worth and security comes from knowing You, not from personal accomplishments.
Thank You for the patience You have offered to us and the grace You have bestowed on us.


Photo credit by Xeromatic.