Holy Saturday rests in the in between.
Good Friday reflects on Your sacrifice.
Easter celebrates Your resurrection.
We find ourselves on this day looking backwards and looking forward.
Yet, there’s a grace about this day.

Many of us will spend this day planning and preparing.
The small plastic eggs will get filled and hidden around the house.
We set the tables and check the items off the grocery list.
Final emails, texts, and phone calls communicate the details of Easter Sunday.

Today reminds us of the silence.
The tomb remained guarded, and the stone covered the entrance.
You taught your disciples about trust and dependence.
They had to wrestle with the reality of your Words.
It’s in the solitude of the in between that we experience Your grace.

We fill most our lives with noise and activities.
Stopping and reflecting has become inconvenient.
You invite us to wait in the quietness.
Grace means learning to be still and knowing You are God.

We continue to say, “Sunday’s coming…”
But we also recognize Your presence in the in between.
May today help us grasp a deeper understanding of our dependence on You.
Holy Saturday teaches us to trust You when we cannot tell how You are at work.
Help us not rush this day, but experience Your grace.

Photo credit by Annie Spratt.