Here are five articles from this past week that challenged, encouraged, and provided perspective for me.

Poppo’s Boys  by Jordan Ritter Conn

Conn shares the fascinating chapter of NBA champion coach Gregg Popovich. Prior to joining the San Antonio Spurs, he coached a small college basketball team.

What Get’s People to Want What’s Right? by Mandy Smith

Smith calls into question using “should” as a motivation especially in the church. She invites people to move away from guilt and towards love in our hearts for others.

Steadied by Faith After a Humbling Loss by David Gregory

The former moderator of Meet the Press talks about his painful departure. Gregory goes on to give insight on how his faith journey has impacted him.

The Luxury of Silence by John Biguenet

In this world full of noise, silence has come at a premium. Biguenet details the lengths people will take to experience silence.

Why You Need a Mentor by John Sowers

Sowers speaks the importance of finding mentors who encourage and tell the truth in your life. The right mentor will help you frame the circumstances of life and find your voice.

What articles challenged, encouraged or gave you perspective this week? Go ahead and share them in the comment section below.

Photo credit to Alex Wigan from Life of Pix.