RUTHLESS_TRUSTTonight, I received a surprise call from a group of friends in Pennsylvania. When I look back at my life, friends are one of the greatest blessings God gives us. We should cherish such people.

Brennan Manning provides us with a powerful description of authentic friendship. This is the way I would describe the closest people in my life. Hopefully, you have friends like this in your life:

In my efforts to overcome my lifelong struggle with self-hatred, the despair of ever being worthy of love, I have been aided immeasurably by trusted and trusting friends who, with no ulterior motive, see something in me that I cannot see in myself. They do not merely tell me; they relate to me in a way which shows that they find me lovable. Learning to trust my friends has been a slow invaluable process.

– Brennan Manning Ruthless Trust pg. 101