In A Work of the Heart, author Reggie McNeal exhorts spiritual leaders to be aware of heart matters. His perspective through the lives of Moses, David, Paul and Jesus provide a framework for leaders to respond to spiritual issues within them. Often, we can become so attuned of the circumstances outside of ourselves that we miss the internal workings of our hearts.

One of the best sections of this book comes from McNeal’s reflection on the commonplace in our lives. The busyness and drive for production robs us of seeing God in the midst of the ordinary. Sometimes the small graces refresh our hearts the most. He says:

God is present in the beauty we are often too busy to see and hear and taste and smell, in the joy of being with people we love, in the enjoyment of doing small tasks exceptionally well, in the pleasant serendipity of everyday life. Our hearts would be enlarged and enlivened by being more attuned to the graces we are often too busy to enjoy. Creating more space for the commonplace would be a wise leadership strategy for improved heart-shaping. (pg. 182)

How can you notice the presence of God in the commonplace today?

Photo credit to Olya Myers Photography.