“If God sends us on strong paths, we are provided strong shoes.” Words attributed to Corrie Ten Boom1025753_69628668

What comes to your mind when you hear the word brave? Pixar or Atlanta might come to your mind immediately. Some would point to a person who they perceive showed courage under duress. These types of stories draw inspiration for writing books or film.

Bravery can seem like a distant virtue from our everyday lives. Christians often communicate words like faith and trust which at times can sound passive. On the other hand, bravery receives negative connotations for focusing on human ability rather than reflecting a Christ-centered life.

Yesterday, I came across I Peter 5. This chapter sums up the whole book with the lasting exhortations to the community of faith. You can hear the invitation to faith by vs. 7 “Casting your anxieties on him…” At some point we need the invitation to cast our cares and the humility to recognize the work of Christ in our lives. Peter takes us deeper into a life with Christ which endures in the midst of challenges.

Vs. 10 makes this lasting statement, “And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.”

So then, what does Christ-centered bravery look like especially in the light of I Peter 5? More than merely a passive belief in the God of the universe, but living out of the motivation of His grace to endure.

The brave person who realizes Christ keeps the score, thus the courage not remain bitter.

The brave person who walks in the midst of turmoil while seeing that Christ Himself walks with them.

The brave person who sees past their complaints and refocuses their attention on the grateful acts of Christ in their lives.

The brave person who has walked the hard roads, because Christ has provided the hard shoes.

We see brave people follow Christ on an everyday basis. Most of all, we see that the bravery starts with Him and sent to strengthen and establish us. Perhaps, we are stronger than we think through His grace.

Who in your life has shown Christ-centered bravery?


  1. Pete,

    I read the call to humility as of supreme importance in the chapter. We humble ourselves by casting our cares on him – this is the active part of the life of faith which you aptly highlight.

    My dad made some difficult economic decisions because he thought they honored God. I’ve always admired that and found it to be an example of Christian bravery. He was willing to take a risk because he genuinely believed that God’s ability to raise him up was more sure than holding onto his cares.

    • Peter Englert

      February 14, 2014 at 1:27 pm

      Wow! That strikes me with this; at the moment that seemed difficult but it sounds like your Dad has no regrets. It’s amazing to see the bravery God places in the everyday lives of his people.

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