How does a person find out about their curling talent? Each Winter Olympics, I start the conversation with myself or others about taking up curling. Think about it. You simply have to learn how to brush the right amount of ice for the stone to hit the target. Often, this leads to googling a local curling club.724706_75777469Suffice to say, I have never pursued my curling dream. Curlers will gather in Sochi for the Winter Olympics. They have practiced their pushing the rock and ice brushing. Hours of early morning and late night practicing have led them to pursue qualification for the winter games. What observers may not understand is investment of time no one sees.

Luke 5:16 says, “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” I use to read this verse with focus on praying. The last time I read this verse this week, a new point of emphasis emerged. We find Jesus throughout the Gospels withdrawing by Himself and also with other disciples. The Sermon on the Mount implores us to practice love and generosity without public relations. The point: There’s an element of faith which invests in what only God can see.

People in this season have started to pursue change: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. You may find yourself wanting transformation. Most of God’s greatest work in our lives comes in the behind the scenes. The time we spend practicing alone. Investing into another person’s life one on one. Or simply, the space we invite God to speak to us in silence and solitude.

Investing in the behind the scenes moves us from talking to walking. The confidence we so desperately need is not from our own self-reliance or even the crowd, but from experiencing the unseen work of Christ in our lives.

When you watch curling, remember the investments that no one sees. These are the moments that we begin to see the work of Christ in us.