Have you ever heard a parent introduce a child? Something often changes in their voice when they say the name of the child. Maybe you notice this in the way your parents introduce you.1123144_71064416

The incarnation reveals how God chose to speak to us. He spoke through his Son. Advent reminds us that God introduced Himself through the coming of Christ. Ravi Zacharias in Recapture the Wonder describes the incarnation through the eyes of God recognizing Jesus Christ:

We often do not think of it, but here is God of the universe speaking in familial terms about Himself: “This is my Son.” Anyone who has ever had the privilege of introducing his or her child to another understands the joy when with great satisfaction you say to someone “This is my son” or “This is my daughter.” Something of the human heart is wrapped around that declaration. The very nature of God is declared in his introduction of Jesus. His is not merely a prophetic voice. He is not merely an emissary. He is God’s beloved Son. (pg. 113)