We can quote the words of Augustine,
“Our hearts are restless until they find rest in Him.”
In spite of knowing this, we find ourselves pacing and wandering.
The command “Be Still” sounds like a fantasy.
Silence only amplifies our addiction for activity.
Because if we are not doing something, then are we really accomplishing anything?

Here we come to You with weary hearts.
Minds filled with plans, expectations, insecurities, and dreams.
Souls desperately desiring your invitation for an easy yoke and light burden.
We run from our past while discontent with the present, only to anxiously await the future.
The recentness of Easter reminds us of Your victory in the resurrection.
Yet, we simply look for a glimmer of hope for tomorrow.

None of this catches You by surprise.
You walked through the wilderness.
Lost in all the lies we believe is the message of Your grace being enough.
We long for acceptance that can only be found in You.
So reorient our hearts, minds, and souls.
Give us the patience to wait for You and not add to the noise.
May we live the words of Augustine.
And find our restless hearts finding rest in You.

Photo credit to Jessie Schnall, you can see more of her work at Portraits by Jessie.