Start your weekend with these five articles in the Reads of the Week.

How ‘The Ninth Configuration’ Argues For God’s Goodness by Nick Ripatrazone

The sequel to the ‘Exorcist’ delves into a complicated conversation about theology. Ripatrazone offers a helpful interpretation from this movie on the goodness of God.

How to Find Your True Purpose in Life by Tyler Huckabee

Huckabee dispels the lie that purpose equals career. He calls to process and find our a deeper and more significant purpose in knowing God.

Why the British Tell Better Children’s Stories by Colleen Gillard 

American literature gave children Pollyanna and the British gave Lord of the Rings. Gillard compares how the literature from these two nations have shaped the thinking of children.

How Ken Griffey Jr.’s Rise to the Hall of Fame Was Fated, but Not Easy by Ilan Mochari

Ken Griffey Jr. got elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame this week. He was the first number one draft pick to make the Hall of Fame, and he dealt with the expectations of his father’s baseball stardom. Mochari goes behind Griffey’s story in this piece.

Buzz Williams is a self-proclaimed underdog in the right place by John Feinstein

I consider John Feinstein one of the greatest sports writers of the generation. His exposé on Buzz Williams speaks to this coaches challenges and opportunities at Virgina Tech.

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Photo credit by Aleksi Tappura.