These five reads from this past week challenged, encouraged, and provided perspective for me. Check them out for yourself.

What We Miss When We Resist Change by John Richmond

John Richmond shares about a radical change in direction of his life. Then goes on to draw out from this experience what he learned when he began to embrace change.

Why You Shouldn’t Call That False Teaching a Heresy by Justin Holcomb

Justin Holcomb underscores the difference between heresy and theological disagreements. Through the perspective of church history, he helps us with grasp the meaning of heresy.

What’s Your Weakness? by Scott Savage

Scott Savage details how weaknesses connect us better to each other as opposed to strengths. He outlines four steps to figure out our strengths our of our weaknesses.

Jesus is My King Not My Concierge by Fred Liggin

A phenomenal example causing us to recognize how we see Jesus in our lives. Fred Liggin writes a poignant article that will cause us to reflect on how we see Jesus.

We Need Both Networks and Communities by Henry Mintzberg

Janna Moss shared this article on my Facebook profile. Henry Mintzberg communicates the importance authentic communities in the workplace. Small Groups matter.

What articles or posts would you consider your read of the week? Share the link in the comment section below.

Photo credit to Alex Wigan from Life of Pix.