Prior to the wedding, I received countless advice about marriage. Unsolicited and unexpected suggestions came from family, friends, and even strangers. Our life altering events seem to invite people to share wisdom from their stories1300094_10119213

It’s only been a month, but I have not forgotten the stories. I now have a context for the stories, advice, and wisdom people shared. Marriage acts as a sanctifying process which God joins two people together to become more like Him. My wife has taught me so much about sacrificing and serving. Both of us will continue the lifelong process of communicating with each other.

You can prep for the major changes in your life by listening to the best pieces of advice from others; I would encourage you to do so. Yet, the stories usually don’t make sense until you live in the moment. Remembering becomes so vital to our lives. Often, people share the best wisdom before we can ever put it into practice.

I used to nod my head in conversations with the thought, “I have this down.” Now, I find myself stopping to think, “Will I need this down the road?”

The stories we hear today will likely make more sense down the road.

What’s one piece of advice that makes more sense now than when you first received it?