I have known Trevor Gordon Hall since my freshman year of college. One of the joys of knowing him has come from seeing how his music connects to his personal life and beliefs.



Whenever you have a chance to meet a musician, take time to ask them what inspires or motivates their music. In the last few days since my wedding, I have reconnected to Trevor’s music. Not only to his music, but also to our conversations about life. Here three things I have learned from listening to the music of Trevor Gordon Hall.

1. Relationships and life move a lot like a Coldplay Medley.

Today, Trevor shared “Fix You (Coldplay Medley).” Music includes terms like crescendo and decrescendo. Often we find ourselves in the quiet moments of “Fix You” only to have them turn into bursting moments of “Viva La Vida.” Movements of music,like life, remind us to cherish both the boisterous joy and the quiet notes of reflection.

2. Read and re-read A Severe Mercy.

This past summer, I had the opportunity to read A Severe Mercy by  Sheldon Vanauken. Trevor was the first person that recommended this book. Then he proceeded to write a song about the book. As I read the book, I could hear his song. Vanauken deals with love, doubt, and the goodness of God. No matter where we find ourselves, this book brings us to our own questions about our relationships with others and with God.

3. The music matches the seasons of our lives.

Trevor’s album “Finding my Way” released right after his marriage to Erin. I can remember hearing people say, “Trevor’s music changed.” Back then, I entered my career in admissions with vivacious ambition. Now, a few days after marriage, I’m learning to find my way in a different aspect while journey with another person. I am beginning to understand why the music changes. We move from wanting more to gratefulness for this specific season and the people around us.


To learn more about Trevor and his music, check out his latest campaign with Indiegogo. For those you who live in Rochester, NY, mark your calender for his concert on November 22 with the Rochester Guitar Club.