There you find yourself at the local coffee shop. Your laptop opened and coffee in hand. Right in front of you a white screen. At any moment those fingers will tap the keyboard like typewriters of old. Then you wait…

Digital StillCamera

Any writing endeavor starts with a blank page. I have been at this place before. The thought of blogging has crossed my mind time after time. Somewhere in the world wide web lies the ruins of my first attempt called “Notes from a Moleskine.” A three year commitment to Bluehost gives the added incentive.

So why blog? Here are three reasons I have decided to walk this path like so many others:

1. Extroversion

It is both a gift and curse to be a verbal processor. Either people feed off the unhindered voice or wait for the dispelling of hot air. Growing extroverts want to leverage their communication to kindle conversations. In accepting my extroversion, I have found the need for both the space to be heard and even more so to hear.

2. Education

My life took an unexpected turn in 2009. A flight from Springfield, MO-Phoenixville, PA resulted in a three and half year exploration in higher education and admissions. The pursuit of using a pastoral ministry degree in the church transitioned to pastoring students through their vocation and calling. At Northeastern Seminary, I am beginning to see a profound passion to assist people in finding their place in the kingdom of God.

3. Engagement

My Facebook and Twitter only allow for approximately 140 characters of ideas. This last reason is more than matching three reasons starting with the letter “E.” There are books, articles, and dialogues worth having concerning theology, leadership, and spiritual formation. Part of engaging means attempting to grapple with these subjects in a responsible way.

So here we go. It all starts here. Do you have a blog? If so, share your link with me.