It’s another Monday morning. If you did not know, then simply check twitter and Facebook for what people think of this day.

657071_17831330One week from this Monday, we will begin the celebration of Thanksgiving. Our lives need this season, because our attitudes are prone to cynicism, comparison, and complaining. Taking the time for gratitude creates wonder in our lives.

As we start this season, the words of Ravi Zacharias in Recapture the Wonder helps us orient our hearts to this season, especially on a Monday:

Wonder is best experienced within the context of gratitude. The extent of one’s possessions does not change the quality of one’s state of mind; it only multiplies the options for expressing that state of mind and heart. That is why gratitude is not realized by making comparison with others but is expressed in the context of each situation. It is not whether things could be better or worse but that  the heart celebrates the privilege of knowing the Giver who will withhold no good thing from them who love Him. (pg. 94)