“By this time next year, you could be a whole new person.” Allison Vesterfelt said this in her post Everything Can Change in Just One Year.150666_584447915761_649307428_n

Facebook has rolled out the annual feature, “Year in Review.” Users can share their 20 biggest moments from 2013. This season causes us to pause to remember the year that was.

My wife Robyn has introduced me to the practice of picking a word for the year. This word encapsulates an area of growth in your life. I adopted the word “patience.” Little did I realize the impact of this practice. 2013 has taught me so much, but I have seen it through the lens of patience.

It takes patience to begin in a location and community.

It takes patience to get engaged, prepare for a wedding, and then get married.

It takes patience to complete a degree.

It takes patience to experience God’s work in your life.

Through all of the failures and successes, I am learning to not short circuit the process. We a majority of our lives in the in between. Patience emphatically helps us recognizes the difference in our time table and God’s. Over and over, I can see that God forms us in His likeness by both small incremental steps and monumental pivotal moments.

2014 will be here before we know it, which means a new word. Before leaving this year, what word would describe your 2013?